How can I register my self as an artist?

Once you have registered an account, click the “Seller Area” link in your profile dropdown menu. This will open the seller application form. Please fill in all the fields on the form and submit it. We will review your details and portfolio and get back to you with a decision as soon as possible.
You can also watch video tutorial click here.

In which currency artists upload their paintings?

Artists must be upload their painting price in PKR.

How long does it take for home delivery?

We currently offer 3 types of delivery service :standard delivery for GB Mainland in approximately 2-4 working days; Super Saver 48 Hour Delivery; Premium Next Day. More on our Delivery Services.

What can I sell on Makhdoom Art Market?

We accept drawings, paintings and prints to be listed on the website for sale. Sculptures, installations and other 3D works can also be uploaded and sold, if you don’t want to sell any specific painting just mark Not for sale, although they can be posted on your wall or photo albums.

How much commission does Makhdoom Art Market charge?

The strongest part of Makhdoom Art Market is that we don’t make any commission whatsoever and that we charge from the artist nothing. Just for market/website maintenance and to promote the art and seo of each gallery we charge a flat percentage on the sale price of your artwork (excluding shipping) i.e 37% maintenance charges and 3% payment transaction fees. There are no extra costs other than this.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid your share on all sales of your work directly into your bank account right after 10 days of the sale, when the painting is well delivered and accepted by the buyer and there is not false/wrong showcasing or commitment, return or damage claim by the buyer.

How will my paintings be delivered?

When an artwork sells, we will notify you of the sale. Please pack and send the artwork to the customer directly. Marked as fragile and it is your full responsibility that is it is delivered exactly as per details you mentioned in your listing and as per image and there are no claims of wrong item delivery or damages or faulty goods.

What currency shall I use to upload my Painting?

List all your artwork in US Dollars. This is the currency that is supported by our payments processor. You can mention pak rupees price or the currency of your choice in remarks section.

What kind of painting shall I upload?

You should only upload your own strongest and best work to increase the overall strength of your gallery and avail maximum chances of sales to catch the eye of the customer.