How to Create the Artist Store In Makhdoom Art Market


Makhdoom Art Market is the largest art market place of Pakistan, a platform for art lovers. Student level artists, emerging artists, professional level and legends, we welcome all and participation of seniors will encourage juniors and emerging artists a lot. Now artists may easily publish their art and related works for global and national showcasing, promotion and sales.
Key benefit of this marketplace is that there is no commission on selling your art or things related to art like souvenirs. We as the supervising team of this website, will only charge 10% of the selling price as the maintenance cost and for ensuring high performance of the website, upon a successful round of sales. This 10% cost we will may reduce if the turnover of the website remains reasonable. Our core aim is to make art affordable so that artists of all levels can earn at-least monthly living easily. Our suggestion to keep prices as low as possible to increase the sales.
Also that we wish to make art affordable to every segment of our society enable art to flourish more and more.
We are strictly anti-fake market place and every artist must display their own work only.
Various attractive features of the market can be explored by browsing it.
You are most welcome to visit the largest art marketplace: Art is because we have artists.
Hopeful for a better future of artists and upcoming artists. Request for prayers. Thanks a lot.

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